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A Musical Holiday

Hello Dear Readers – Due to a dysfunctional, inefficient  work environment that is constantly breaking down (which is causing me to put in way too many hours than I care to work in one week!), the further work and almost completion of our new room, and a general feeling of exhaustion, I have not had much time lately to do any quality writing.  So I am going to interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a bit of a musical holiday!  What follows are some great songs that have lent inspiration to me over the years, Enjoy!!

This is William Elliot Whitmore, an American farmer and kick-ass singer, songwriter!  As far as I am concerned this is some of the most Punk Rock music I have ever heard.  There is plenty more of his music to check out, so check it out and support his work!

Now for some real Punk Rock!  The Descendents are a classic American punk rock band from California.  This song is probably the best history lesson in song form that one could listen to – listen and learn!!

Israel “IZ” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole was a Hawaiian singer and independence activist.  If this song doesn’t make you cry tears of joy and give you hope for the future, I don’t know what will!

The great Manu Chao!  Por el suelo, or roughly, For the Soil, is one of my all time favorite songs!  A song for the Earth and those who care for it!

Gogol Bordello – No Human Being is Illegal!!

And one late entry …. The Swingin’ Utters’ Last Chance


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I sometimes forget about how big of an influence punk rock was for me.  I can remember my first real punk record arriving in the mail, the first ‘zine, and the first show.  I was blown away.  I was amazed that real people were making real music, organizing their own shows, recording their own records, and creating their own media before the internet ever existed.  These people, bands, fanzines, shows and organizations gave me a new perspective on life.  They challenged my beliefs and made me question the status quo, but also gave me inspiration and vision of a new world, a better world.  Most of that energy and vision is still with me today, but now-a- days that energy that went into a mohawk or sewing on punk rock patches goes into raising my kids, tending gardens, and leading a DIY life style while walking softly across this Good Earth.  Anarchy is one of  those seeds from punk rock that took root, and has grown with me as I have gotten older.  I no longer look at Anarchy as political dogma or an ideology or a  system, but as a way of life.  It is a sign post, a self-help guide, an educator, a lover, and motivator.  I allow my life to be led by the Tao of Anarchy, I work right now because I have two small kids that need to be provided for, I garden and shop at the farmers market because I want to know where my food comes from, we hike as a family to get to know our urban wilderness backyard, we wild craft, can our own produce, knit, brew beer and mead, save rain water,  talk with our neighbors, and live life as free as we can.  In today’s world it is easy to lose sight of our goals.  There are so many distractions that are viewed as necessities.  Cell phones, text messages, video games and reality TV.  What would people do if they were gone tomorrow?  What would people do if they were confronted with the fact that they have been living a lie?!  They would stop being zombies and start to take stock in their own lives.  They might start to question the dominant paradigm, they might start eating real food, they might rise up and start to break the chains that have been holding us all down for far too long!  Punk rock and Anarchy was the flood that broke the dam for me.  For you it may have been something else.  I have met many people throughout my life that have never heard a punk rock record, and are far more radical than me.  The important thing to do is to plant the seeds, to walk the walk, to be humbled and to inspire.  Make connections, be true to yourself, walk this Earth lightly and cultivate FREEDOM!  Because nobody is going to do it for you! Cheers!

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