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Owen and Freya at the pumpkin patch this autumn.

Welcome, all my dear and loyal readers. After an unplanned, and too long of a hiatus, Autonomy Acres is back! I am glad this blog is not one of my kids, I would be arrested for neglect and punished properly! However, I do not live a life of regrets and will not apologize too much for not posting for the last four months or so. Life has been busy, with some unexpected road bumps and hurdles, ups and downs, and tears and laughter. Life is amazing in the fact that nothing is guaranteed, nothing is written in stone, and the most unexpected things can happen. An example – this last fall, our son was suppose to start kindergarten. We were excited and nervous at the same time, Owen is a challenging kid who is very stubborn and strong willed, smarter beyond his years, and is the bane of any authority figure. We walked him up to the bus stop, said good bye holding back tears, and drove to the school to meet him and make the transition easier for him. We walked him to his classroom, said hi to the teacher (whom we had already met), made sure he was ready, and then said goodbye. We drove home with the expectation of seeing him in a few hours at the bus stop, but our plans were thwarted. We received a phone call in less than an hour telling us to come pick up our son. They couldn’t get him to go to the kindergarten rally and he had proceeded to shut himself in his locker. Without going into every little detail about what else happened, I will just leave it at this: The school fucked up in a bad way – the proper steps were not taken to help our son in adjusting to his new environment. Without the advice and consultation of trained social workers, we were told he needed to see a doctor if we wanted him to come back. We were told he had disturbing behavior and all this was said in front of him by the PRINCIPAL!! Needless to say we pulled him out of school and decided that day to start home schooling. It was not a decision we made blindly, it was something we had already been talking about, but we just weren’t sure if we were ready to commit to such an endeavor – well our mind was made up for us. After a period of extreme anger (at the principal and the school district) and mourning, we are the proud parents and teachers, of an awesome six year old! It hasn’t been easy, and some days it can be very frustrating, but we are figuring it out as a family. One aspect of home schooling that is hard for us is finding cool people to connect with. The majority of home school families do fit a stereotype – strict religious zealots that don’t want their kids taught evolution, want prayer in school, etc, etc… Here at Autonomy Acres we are atheist leaning agnostics, so it makes it hard to find like minded people to do home schooling projects/field trips/events with. But we are figuring it out as we continue moving forward. That is one of the main reasons I have not been posting lately, my brain has still been coping with, and trying to adjust to our new situation. Moving on…..

The sacred cow of Anarchy!

World events lately have been both inspiring and incredibly scary at the same time. Some days it seems like we are teetering on the brink of world wide revolution. The middle east and its’ Arab spring, the uprisings in Greece, the Occupy movement that has been sweeping the U.S. and other western countries. A general feeling that people know something is wrong with business as usual, and that something has to change. It is awesome to see so many people getting active – people coming together and marching and having their voices heard, people taking control of where their food comes from, having real conversations with their families, friends, and neighbors. When people start living – when they wake up from their TV shows, and their designer drugs, their Franken food, and their shitty jobs and long commutes, real change can happen and it is!! We don’t need talking heads to tell us that the economy is still in shambles, it is on the face and minds of everyone who has decided to wake up. The economy is not getting better, and most likely never will. This is the hard reality, we blew our load and now we got a huge mess on our hands. The answers don’t lie with more bailouts or a new president. Look what our congress is capable of – NOTHING. If congress had their heads up their collective ass, they would not be able to even agree upon that. This system is finished and I think we all kind of know it; it is just a matter of what comes next. This is where I get scared; I am not one for conspiracy theories, but there are a lot of powerful corporations and ruthless people out there who are still making a ton of money off of the sweat of the 99%. They don’t want this power and control to go away and are doing things to ensure they keep it. I truly believe they are scared by the potential power, we the people have if we can just stop fighting amongst ourselves and start creating the world we want to live in. This is where our power lies. It is in our refusal to keep playing their games, and by following their rules that gives us the power to change the world. Our power is in boycotting where ever we can the giant corporations that control our food, our communities, our abilities to think for ourselves, and our personal lives. Our power is in the DIY ethic – experts are overrated and we are all capable of so much more than what we have been told by all the “experts”. Our power is the realization that the bosses, the 1% need us, we do not need them. We are capable of changing this world on our own terms into a place that is based on mutual aid, respect for the natural world and its’ resources, a place that people are well fed and have access to real food. I don’t think this is too much to ask, in fact I believe it to be the only option if we are to move forward as a human race. Facing these challenges head on with all of our own unique talents is not an easy task to accomplish, but at least it is real. It is time to unplug the TV and get our hands dirty.

So, enough of the soap boxing. Yeah, we have a lot of challenges ahead of us – social, economic, and environmental/climate change issues are all demons lurking in our closets and hanging out underneath our beds. This brings it back to one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place; to share my ideas about what I do in my personal life to confront these issues. I have some projects in the works that I hope to discuss in upcoming posts. Beehive construction, our plans on starting up a CSA, possible greenhouse/hoop house plans and designs, some more on DIY home brewing, basics on making your own soap, more From the Garden to the Table recipes and stories, and other topics that will be familiar to all you homesteaders out there. It is great to be back! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! Cheers!!

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This says it all!

During one of my recent Google News searches, I came across this article.   For a long time I have known that America is in debt, but not to the degree that this article illustrates.  There was a time in this country when we provided for ourselves, when we grew our own food, kept our people employed and had a true sense of freedom.  I know our past wasn’t perfect either; the decimation of the Native populations,  the shameful period of slavery, unfair treatment of women, reckless use of our Natural Resources, and the lost opportunity to be the truly great country we could have been. 

When a country is in debt they cannot live up to their full potential.  Their jails are filled to the brim, their natural resources our squandered, unemployment rates rise, depression and drug use spreads like an infection, they pave over their best farm land, and enslave themselves to video games and television. 

These are the symptoms of a nation that is in decline.  A nation in debt cannot provide for itself.  A nation that relies on money from foreign governments to pay the bills and make payroll will not be able to sustain itself.  A nation that cuts down it’s forests will no longer have a home.  A nation that pollutes it’s water with industrial effluent will no longer be able to drink.  A nation that clouds the skies with smog and poison will no longer be able to breathe.  A nation that has built suburban subdivisions on it’s best farm land will no longer be able to feed itself.  A nation that no longer produces its own useful goods and products will have a disgruntled work force.  A nation that relies on war for a sense of purpose and pride will eventually be defeated.  A nation that considers money god, will eventually go broke and fail. 

In the coming years of Peak Oil, some of these wrongs may start to be righted, but it will be a long uphill battle.  We have many wounds to heal and many gardens to plant.  The way we live in our communities will have to change.  The way we think about and grow our food will have to change.  The work we choose to do may actually start to have some meaning again.  We will have to trade our convenience for physical work and activity, but we might find a new enjoyment of life free of the TV’s and computers.  We have along way to go, but I am confident that we can walk this new road and thrive in the post-oil age.  I want to end with one of my favorite songs, “Power and Glory”, written by Phil Oachs back in the hey-day of protest folk music: 

C’mon and take a walk with me through this green and growin’ land, Walk through the meadows and the mountains and the sand, Walk through the valley and the rivers and the plains, Walk through the sun and walk thru the rain 

Here’s a land full of power and glory, Beauty that words cannot recall, Oh her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom, Her glory shall rest on us all 

From Colorado, Kansas and the Carolinas too, Virginia and Alaska, from the old to the new, Texas and Ohio and the California shore, Tell me who could ask for more? 

Yet she’s only as rich as the poorest of the poor, Only as free as a padlocked prison door, Only as strong as our love for this land, Only as tall as we stand 



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